Chieko Ono

She graduated in Japan, worked at the Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo and won a scholarship from the Italian government (in collaboration with the University of Genoa).
She is involved in philological research aimed at the reconstruction and teaching of the Italian dance from the 15th and 16th centuries starting from the analysis of original documents and manuscripts of the time.
She has held seminars in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, USA, Japan and Australia.
Since 1993 she has led the Italian Historical Dance Company Belreguardo and is director of the Cultural Association Il Convivio, both based in Assisi (PG).
She organized and directed 20 editions of the 15th century Italian Dance Course, an annual event sponsored by the Municipality of Assisi, Province of Perugia and Umbria Region. The Course saw the participation of amateurs and professionals from Italy and abroad.
She contributed to the filming of “La dama con l’Ermellino” produced by the Japanese television broadcating group NHK at the Sforza Castle in Milan.
She has led a research work and held seminars on the topic of ancient dances in the East and the West.
She translated the book “Japanese Dance” by Tamotsu Watanabe (co-translation, Ed. Ali & No, 2001).
She produced the CD “Gloria et Malum – music of Fifteenth century Italian dance” (co-production Micrologus-Belreguardo, 2008).
She writes for the Tohoku Art and Culture Society journal (article “The Italian dance and art of the Fifteenth century: works of art in motion, 15th century Italian dance, Tohoku Art and Culture Society No. 17, 2012).
Since 2014 she has also taught ancient Italian dance to children in elementary schools in Umbria.